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South Padre Map The Port Isabel/South Padre Island area is without a doubt the most powerful and consistent place for surf on the Texas gulf coast. The reason is simply that the continental shelf is closest to land at this point, plus it is located where it catches North, East, and South swells..

The north-most break is the South side of the Mansfield cut. Go to the north end of "the" road and prepare for some four wheel driving. Continue north until you hit the jetty. Works best on a NE to E swell.

Next is the site of the old pier at Andy Bowie park. This place has a quick dumping pier style wave. Susceptible to strong currents, this is a finicky spot. Next is Steamers in front of the radar Tower (or the new Pavilion). The inside is a hard breaking spitting wave that really snaps when its on. The outside has great shape but is prone to currents.

The Jetty has a couple of good line ups. These work best on SE to E swells. One break is close to the jetty in front of The Jetties Restaurant. This place gets classic several times a year. Sand point style waves that reform through several sections depending on size. A little north, in front of the old Pavilion is a classic barreling wall. Better shape than most beach breaks. The outside of this place all the way to the jetties can hold double to triple overhead swells. With a little offshore wind these are as good as you could hope for on this coast.

The Isabel side of the jetty (inside) breaks on huge swells when everything outside is closed out and out of control. Nice clean left away from the rock straight down the channel.

South, across the channel on the Boca Chica side, inside the channel is the Cove. This is a semi-circular cut in the side of the channel. Again when everything outside is closed out and out of control this can be a perfect winding right barrel for over fifty yards. Very rare to catch it.

The jetties at Boca Chica are a mirror of the Port Isabel side. Best waves on a north to east swell, when South Padre is blown out.

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