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Corpus Map The Port Aransas/Corpus Christi area has numerous good breaks with many various quality waves.

At the north end is San Jose Island. You need to catch the ferry or have a boat to get there. This is one of the finest shaped waves on the coast on a good day. Takes a really large a powerful east to south swell to work. Then an offshore wind really cleans it up. This was Nat Youngs' favorite break on this coast. Kind of finicky and tricky to catch with power.

Next is the Aransas Pass Jetties. Sloppy on a south but doable on a NE swell. Then just south of the jetty is Horace Caldwell Pier. Can be a good quick pier dump. Prone to slight currents.

Miles of shore break then extend southward until you reach the Fish Pass or to the old timers the "new" jetties. Short Galveston-like groins, this pair of wave makers offers some side shore current protection in almost every possible swell direction. Good shape, quick take off.

J.P. Luby Park offers what's left of an old, broken up pier. Surf can be excellent here under the right conditions, but side shore current can be stong at times. This is the summer party beach, lining with beach with all types plus cars cruising the shoreline.

Next one down the beach is Bob Hall Pier. Gets crowded, largely due to the good quality of waves here. Some great waves are possible. Also some great shark fishing is done here. A few record holding shark catches have been made from this long concrete pier.

Now you need a four wheel drive to go further south and you'll be on the beach past Malequit. About 20 miles down is Big Shell. When you get there it will be obvious. There are the remains of giant gulf clams weathered and beaten to about 6 inch diameter shells *everywhere*. This is a natural wave focusing place. Really pounding waves here. Very sensitive to side shore currents. Next comes little shell. Similar to big shell. Proceeding south, we get to the north jetty of the Mansfield cut. Great waves, no one out, only a few fishermen there on an average day makes this a special place. Takes a good east to south swell to work. It becomes classic with a little west wind.

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