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Matagorda Map Matagorda is a break near the Colorado river mouth, south of Bay City. The river mouth itself is good, but on the north side the angled pier provides a great bottom and some quick takeoff tubes on a good swell. North of that is miles of hard dumping beach break and you just have to find the right sand bar to make the most of it. Generally a stronger wave than the waves of the breaks farther to the north in Galveston or Surfside. The south side or the river mouth has a sand spit point that works on occasion. It is tricky to get to and you have to call the tides right or your going to have a LOOOoooong paddle (the coast guard and freindly boaters have been known to bring you back in on a bad current).

With no long jetty to break the current, when the wind is strong south or northeast the side shore current is formidable. On a light wind this is the hollowest break on the north Gulf coast.

When a light west or north west wind blows into the faces of a good swell this place is hard to beat for northern Gulf coast waves. The Superior Gang has caught some killer 6-8' hurricane surf next to the pier with offshore perfection!

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